Documentation for creating import and export

Apr 11, 2012 at 7:04 AM

we create for our clients e-shop and one of the requirements is the connection system in stock.
The storage system should take the information about the products and their numbers in stock. Back into the storage system should send an order.
On your site I have to did not find much information. It is possible to implement the current version magelia shop? If so you can direct me where to start to study?

Ludvík Prouza

Apr 13, 2012 at 10:31 PM

Thank you very much for your questions.

First of all, Yes ! It is possible to implement the current version of Magelia WebStore.

We plan to release v1.3 before April 20. As this new version will include major changes such as Entity Framework code-first support and support of the latest version of WCF Data Services, you may want to wait for this new release.

To start creating an e-commerce website with Magelia WebStore, here are the main points : 
1. Install Magelia WebStore using WebPI. See for more information
 2. Download and run the sample Starter Site : 
3. Study how the StarterSite works 
4. Have fun ! 

Concerning your question about the stock, we are not sure sure to understand exactly your expectations but here are a few solutions :

By default, each time you add a product to basket, the runtime will check if the product is available on a warehouse (virtualStock > minimumStock) then decrement the virtualStock value.  See for more information. 

If you want to use stock value provided by an external system, here are two solutions : 

- we did not document it yet but have developed an import / export feature and a scheduler. These features will have a limited scope in the community editions of Magelia WebStore and more features in the Professional edition of WebStore. You can find the current features implemented by WebStore in the Administration menu and the EAI/ETL and the Scheduler menus. We still have to write a comprehensive documentation for these features.

- Stock is computed by a WorkerComponent. If you want to use a WebService instead of our inventory management to determine if the product is available, you can implement an InventoryWorkerComponent and configure it using a StoreConfiguration. Unfortunately, there is no documentation yet on how to do it

We hope that these answers will help you. Let us know if you need further information. 

Best regards, 

Cyril DURAND - Yves-Alain Ligault