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6 Step 3: Configuring countries and states

This page was created for Magelia WebStore version 0.1


6.2 Add new country

First check that the language you wish to create is not already present in the system, and then click on the “Add new” button in the title bar

Magelia Webstore Codeplex Add new Countrie

and then the language creation pop-in will appear

Magelia Webstore Codeplex Add new countrie

  • Country code: you may define your own country code. If you wish to use the ISO 3166 country codes, it is available here :
  • Order: the order tab can be used to manually present the order of the countries on your website. If most of your e-commerce activity is made in your home country, assign 1 in the Order field.

6.2.1 Edit a country

Click on the pen icon next to the country that you want to edit. The pop-in will appear. Simply modify the data you wish to change and click Save.

Magelia Webstore Codeplex Edit Countrie



6.2.2 Delete a country

Country deletion may impact data and result in data loss. Please make sure that no setting is associated with the country you wish to delete.

To delete a language, click on the red button next to the Language Name

Magelia Webstore Codeplex Delete countrie


In some cases the system will refuse to delete a country arguing that the country is already associated with another item.
You need to remove the items attached to your country before you delete the country.

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