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3 Categories

This page was created for Magelia WebStore version 0.1



3.2 Creating / modifying categories

Products > Catalogs > Categories

In order to create categories, first select a catalog.
If categories already exist for a given catalog, the categories will be displayed in a treeview on the left side of the screen.

Magelia Webstore Categories Creation

To create a category, please select the parent category and press the add new button.

Magelia Webstore Categories Creation

Three tabs allow you to define data for the new category

  • General data tab
  • Attached products tab
  • Contents tab


3.2.1. General data tab

Products > Category > General data tab

The general data tab includes the category ID, localized attributes for the category and localized Search Engine friendly information defining the category.

Magelia Webstore Categories General Data

  • Category ID: the category ID defines the Uniqque identifier for the category.
  • Parent category: select a parent category or select root
  • Active: defines whether the category is active (and visible on the front-office or not.

Localized attributes

  • Category name: name of the category in the chosen language
  • Short description:  HTML short description
  • Long Description: HTML short description

SEO (Search Engine data) – Localized information

  • URL: define the URL path the category
  • Page: define the page name
  • Title: define the title that should appear in the Meta Title
  • Description: define the description that should appear on the website fr the category page


3.2.2. Attached products tab

Products > Category > Attached products Tab

In the attached products tab, you can define the products, within the selected catalog that must be present in a category. A product can be associated with more than one category.
The screen presents the products attached to the category.

Order products : Use the up and down arrows in the grid to adjust the order.

Magelia Webstore Categories Attaced Product Tab

In order to add products to the category, click on the Add products button.

Magelia Webstore Categories Attached Product Tab

Select the products that you want to add to the category then press the + button or the Add product button to add more than one product.


3.2.3. Contents Tab

Products > Category > Content tab

The content tab allows you to create additional contents that for the category.

The content tab lists the contents that are associated with the category.
In order to add a new content, article, etc. that will be presented with the category, click on the “New content” button. Creating content

Magelia Webstore Categories Content

  • Tag : add a tag if you want to use this in front office to retrieve a given content associated with the category
  • Pictures : The add pictures feature is presented in the next paragraph
  • Culture : As content is localized, select a culture / language
  • Title : text defining the content tite
  • Subtitle : text defining the content subtitle
  • Rich Text: text defining the content itself

Click Save when you have finished creating content for the category.
The new content will appear in the content tab and you can edit / delete it using the Pen and “–“ icons.

Magelia Webstore Categories Content Adding pictures

Clicking on the “associate pictures” link in the content creation screen opens a new window.

To add a picture click on the camera and select a file that you want to upload on your computer.
Click on add to add the picture.

Magelia Webstore Categories Content Add Pictures

Note: more than one picture can be associated with a content.

The following metadata can be associated with the picture :

  • Code: this is a unique ID for the picture
  • Tag: the tag system can be used to differentiate pictures and retrieve the right picture for a given context
  • Name: to give the picture a name
  • Alt: define content for the Alt Image HTML Tag associated with the picture

Click the OK Button when down. The pictures window will close and the content creation window  will re-appear.


3.2.4. Saving

Press the Save button that appear on top of the screen to save the new categories or the changes made to an existing category.
The save button saves all information from all tabs.

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