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4 Products

This page was created for Magelia WebStore version 0.1



4.3 Creating / modifying products

Products > Product > Add new

The product creation process includes :

  •  Product configuration : this first screen allows you to determine important information concerning the product such as the SKU, weight, catalogs, tax and tax categories  associated with the product, and warehouses
  • Localized description for the product
  • Category (for a given catalog) :
  • Price (for a given catalog)
  • Cross and Upselling (for a given catalog)
  • Inventory
  • Content


4.3.1. Product configuration

The product configuration screen impacts directly the way products will be displayed, prices will be calculated etc. We advise you to be very careful when modifying the information.
For instance, removing the association of a product with a catalog or a warehouse, and saving changes, will directly affect the product .

The product configuration screens is displayed below :

Magelia Webstore Product Configuration

  • Product ID : internal number assigned by Magelia Webstore
  • SKU : Stock Keeping Unit Identifier.
  • Sample : define wheter the product is a sample (not sold)
  • Online :  only products
  • Weight : define the weight given the unit of measure defined at the Site settings level
  • Supplier : Associate the product with a supplier
  • Brand : Associate the product with a brand
  • Type (Kind) : defines the product kind (product / variant product / variant, etc.)
  • Supplier ref. : product reference in the supplier system
  • Catalogs  : define the catalog(s) that the product should be associated with (impact on price)
  • Taxes  : define the taxes and tax categories associated with the product
  • Warehouses : define in which warehouse the product will be stocked.


4.3.2. Localized description for the product

The left menu lists le languages proposed on the website and allows you to describe the product in a given language.
Product description includes name plus three HTML areas for short, long and additional descriptions :

Magelia Webstore Product Description

Note : if additional content is required for the product, the content tab allows to create other specific contents that will be associated with the product.

Notice that if the product is present in more than one catalog, the Category / price / cross and upselling menus will be present for each catalog.


4.3.3. Catalog > Category

A product can be associated with categories either in the product screens or in the category screen.

A product, for a given catalog, can be attached to several categories simultaneously

In order to attach the product to categories, simply click on the catagories.

Magelia Webstore Product Category


4.3.4. Catalog >Price

A website can be willing to propose its products in different currencies (the currencies associated with the website are defined in the site settings screen).

For a given catalog, prices can be defined for each currency  in this screen. Both the price and the cut-price can be defined in the screen below.

Magelia Webstore Product Price

In order to limit rounding problems, prices can be defined with 5 decimal figures, so that when calculating tax included prices and multiplying by quantities, rounding problems will be very rare.


4.3.5. Catalog > Cross and Upselling

Defining cross and upselling rules can be very dependant from the type of products, store, etc. At this stage, WebStore provides a basic mechanism that allows merchants to choose a selection of cross or upselling products for a given product.

Magelia Webstore Product Cross Selling

In order to add cross or upselling products, click on the choose a product button then select a product from the list use the search feature.

Magelia Webstore Product Cross Selling


4.3.6. Inventory

A product is stored in one or more warehouse(s) and the stock for thiss product can be defined, for each warehouse, on the Inventory Screen :

Magelia Webstore Product Inventory

  • Virtual Stock : the real / physical stock minus all orders in process (new, in preparation)
  • Real or physical stock : The real stock contains all the items physically present in the warehouse until the products have been Shipped.
  • Min. stock : this is only an information given here to help the manager decide when to order the product to its supplier.
  • Max. Stock : this in only an information to manage the risk of excessive inventory for a product.


4.3.7. Content

The content feature allows you to add additional content and pictures to a product.

Please refer to section 3.2.3 for a detailed description

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