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2.2 Lists and main icons

Magelia Webstore Codeplex Lists and main icons

Lists presents item and

  • Search / filtering appears on top of the screen

  • A language list box appears on the top right of the lists. This language that appears here is the selected language for the website. For example, if you are a native English speaker managing a website in Spanish, you will probably select the English flag on top of the screen (WebStore Management panel language) and Spanish in list box to manage the website content in Spanish. 
  • On the left of the screen, select items individually (or select All/None) to delete all selected items at the same time 
  • Individual actions such as editing (pen icon), deleting (red circle icon) , printing (printer icon) or displaying (magnifying glass) an item are easy using the icons on the right side of each line.

  • The items per page can also be changed from 10 (default value) to 20/50 or all items.


Warning! This pre-version does not include warnings. If you click on the delete icon, the selected item will be immediately deleted without any warning message.

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