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2.5. Managing categories in Magelia WebStore and Orchard

2.5.1. In Magelia WebStore

On the Categories page of the WebStore back-office, select a catalog and click "Add new". Save your category.

2.5.2. In Orchard

Once your categories are created in WebStore, and if the WebStore module for Orchard is configured, you just have to click "Synchronize" in the WebStore e-commerce section of the Orchard dashboard to get your categories in Orchard. Synchronization can be done anytime you create or delete a category.


Categories are created in Orchard as Content Items of the WebStore Category Content Type. You can then enhance this type by adding any Content Part you want, for example a Facebook Like button.
However, custom enhancements will not be displayed, because this Content Type is primarily a container.


WebStore Category Content Items can be edited as well, changing Title, Page Size, or any Content Part you have added :

Because the WebStore Category Content Type is a container, additional content parts will not be displayed by default. However, this thread shows how to fix this problem.

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