Images do not appear

Apr 19, 2014 at 3:00 PM
Hello, everybody.
I've downloaded and installed magelia open source webstore,
then i've downloaded orchard cms and magelia webstore module.
I've set up everything, created products, added images. to them..
and it works fine except for one thing - I can't see images (neither in productsList page nor in Product page).

I've inspected code and found out that there are no images among product attributes (and i guess they should be..). So first question: where are my images?
Second question: when i add image to product (I go to Characteristics, click add filesand then drag and drop file to some are on the right of the screen. and right after that i'm thrown back to product window), so basically I am allowed add only one image to the product? why??

Thank you even for reading this. I've tried googling around but there is not too much infomation on that topic