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2 Catalogs

This page was created for Magelia WebStore version 0.1



2.1 Catalogs page

The catalog concept is a key concept in Magelia WebStore. Catalogs provide merchants with a way to group products. Several catalogs can be simultaneously presented on a website, depending on their start and end dates and their Active status.

Customizing catalogs can be done using the products catalog menu. Sales catalogs or virtual catalogs are presented in this menu.

Products > Catalogs (catalogs List)

Magelia Webstore Catalogs Page

This screen displays :

  • All sales / virtual catalogs
  • Catalog name, description , ID,
  • Start and End  dates

This screen allows users to :

  • Search for catalog
  • Sort columns
  • Create a new catalog
  • Edit a catalog
  • Delete a catalog

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