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2.2 Creating/Modyfing virtual catalogs

Menu : Products > Catalogs

The add new button present in the screen title bar allows you to create a new catalog
Clicking on the pen button gives access to the catalog in Edit mode

Magelia Webstore Catalogs Creating


2.2.1. Creating a new catalog

Creating a new catalog consists in:

  • Defining general data for the new catalog
  • Importing products into the new catalog
  • Defining valid shipping options associated with the catalog
    The Tab on top of the form gives access to these features

The “Attached products” Tab displays the products that are currently attached to the catalog.

Magelia Webstore Catalogs Creating Defining general data

Products > Catalogs > Edit Catalog > general Data Tab

Magelia Webstore Catalogs General Data

  • Catalog ID : Catalog ID is the unique identifier for the catalog. On
  • Is Active flag : This flag defines wheter the catalog can be displayed on the website. Only Active catalogs can be displayed
  • Start and End Dates : only catalogs for which the current date iss between the start and the end dates will be displayed on the website
  • Products prices: define here whether the prices that will be defined for the products attached to the catalog will include taxes or not.


Localized Data

  • Localized name (optional info.): e-merchants can localize the catalog name to present this information on the website
  • Short and long description (optional info.) : a short and long description using HTML tags can be defined for the catalog. Attached products Tab

Products > Catalogs > Edit Catalog > Attached products Tab

The Attached products tab allows you to see the products attached with the current catalog.
From this view you can remove products from the current catalog.

Magelia Webstore Catalogs Attached product tab Importing data from the Master catalog into a virtual catalog

Products > Catalogs > Edit Catalog > Import products Tab

In order to ensure maximum flexibility of Magelia WebStore, products exist independently from Virtual Catalogs. All products exist in a Master catalog or base catalog and can be attached to one or more virtual catalog. The price of a given product is defined at the Virtual catalog level.

The import product tab allows the e-merchant to import products into a virtual catalog from the Master catalog or from another Virtual catalog.

The left part of the screen displays all the products available in the source catalog and the right part of the screen displays the products associated with the current catalog.
As we are currently creating a new catalog, no product appearns on the right side of the screen.

Magelia Webstore Catalogs Importing data

  • Source Catalog : if no catalog is specified all products (=master catalog) will be displayed in the Source catalog grid listing all products that
  • “+” icon : Attach
  • Import products : in order to import a list of products from a catalog into the current catalog tick the products that you want to add to the current catalog and press the import products button.
  • “-“ icon (remove from catalog) : in order to remove products associated with the current catalog, click on the – icon. The chosen product will simply be removed from the current catalog but they will of course not be deleted.

Magelia Webstore Catalogs Importing data Shipping Tab

Products > Catalogs > Edit Catalog > Shipping Tab

Associating Shipping zones to a catalog is optional.

This tab from the catalog feature allows you to define the Shipping zones that you want to associate to a catalog. This feature enables to to specialize given catalogs to a given “market”.

The available Shipping zones appear on the left side of the screen and the ahipping zones associated with the current catalog appear on the right side.

Magelia Webstore Catalogs Shipping Tab

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