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5 Step 2: languages and currencies configuration

This page was created for Magelia WebStore version 0.1



5.2 Currencies 

Administration > Currencies

Magelia provides a multi-currency environment and allow price definition for one product in various currencies. You can easily create currencies if needed.

Additional important information:

  • Currencies are managed globally and can be associated with different websites managed on the WebStore environment.
    Modifying or deleting currencies may impact all websites operating on the same Magelia WebStore environment.


Currencies Configuration “to-do list”:

  1. Decide which currencies you want to propose on your website
  2. Check that the languages that you need are already present in the WebStore Languages Screen
  3. Create additional languages if necessary.





5.2.1 Add new currencies

Administration > Currencies

Simply click on the “Add new” button in the title bar

Magelia Webstore Codeplex Add new currencies

and the currencies creation pop-in will appear

Magelia Webstore Codeplex Add Currencies

Enter currency name, symbol and select the website that will propose the currency.
Currencies are not localized.
Click Save to save the new currency.

5.2.2 Edit currencies

Click on the pen icon next to the currency that you want to edit.
A window will open. Edit the entry and click save to save changes.

Magelia Webstore Codeplex Edit Currencies



5.2.3 Delete currencies

We advise you to consider all the implications of currency deletion before you proceed. Currencies are defined for all websites installed in your environment and deleting a currency.

If you simply wish to prevent the use of a currency for your website, you should consider removing the currency from your website in the Admin > Site Settings screen.




You should be very cautious because deleting a currency may cause data loss. Before proceeding, check that product prices are not defined in the currency that you wish to delete. A currency can only be deleted if it is not already attached to a country. If such a dependency exists, first remove the currency from the country before you delete a currency.

If you have read all the warnings above and still want to proceed, simply click on the delete icon next to a currency.

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