1 Introduction & access to the admin console

This page was created for Magelia WebStore version 0.1



1.1 Introduction

This guide presents the basic configuration tasks that are required to set up a store:

  • Which languages will the website support?
  • Should the administration interfaces be available only in English or also in other languages?
  • What are the currencies proposed on the website?
  • What countries or states should be defined in order to ship products to these countries or states
  • Where is the warehouse / store located?
  • How to create users that will configure and manage the store?
  • Etc.

We suggest that you follow this guide step by step to ensure that the WebStore Environment is properly set-up.

Please refer to the other guides available at http://mageliawebstore.codeplex.com in order to set up advanced configuration (catalogs, categories, products, contents, tax and shipping rules, etc. ).

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