5 Step 2: languages and currencies configuration

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5.1 Languages

Menu : Administration > Languages

A few languages are present in the system, and simply define a language or a language and a country. You still need to make sure that these default settings are consistent with your e-commerce operations. For instance, will you display a different content to your visitors from England and for the United States? Depending on your requirements, you will either use only one English language or more.

Magelia Webstore Codeplex Langages configuration


Languages Configuration “to-do list”:

  1. Decide which languages you want to propose on your website
  2. Decide whether you will only use a standard language (example : English) or cultural variations for this language (example : en-US and en-GB)
  3. Check that the languages that you need are already present in the Languages list and create additional languages if necessary.





If you wish to remove a language from the Management Panel or from the website, instead of deleting languages, please consider removing the chosen language in the Admin>



5.1.1 Add a Language

Simply click on the “Add new” button in the title bar

Magelia Webstore Codeplex Add langage

and the language creation pop-in will appear

Magelia Webstore Codeplex Add langage

Type-in the language code and a language name.

You will notice that the Language name is not localized and we suggest that you enter the language Name in the native language (prefer Deutsch to German for example).



5.1.2 Edit a Language

Click on the pen icon next to the language that you want to Edit and edit the Language name.

Magelia Webstore Codeplex Edit langage

WARNING! Do not modify the language code.


5.1.3 Delete a Language

Language deletion may impact data and result in data loss. Please make sure that no content has been defined for the language that you want to delete before you proceed.

To delete a language, click on the red button next to the Language Name

Magelia Webstore Codeplex Delete langage

In some cases the system will refuse to delete a language arguing that the language is already associated with another item.
The selected language is probably associated with a country. You need to remove the language from the country before you delete the language.

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