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2.3. Installing Magelia WebStore and Orchard

2.3.1 Installing Orchard

The WebStore e-commerce module only requires a standard Orchard installation (v1.0.20).

The WebStore e-commerce module has two dependencies :

  • Settings
  • Routable

Please visit the Orchard Website to download Orchard and read the documentation :

2.3.2 Installing WebStore

Magelia WebStore must be installed and configured to operate with Orchard using the WebStore module for Orchard.
Please refer to the WebStore documentation.

This first version of the WebStore e-commerce module for Orchard requires products and categories to be defined in en-US language and prices in US Dollars. Multiple catalogs and multi-level categories are not yet supported in the first version of the WebStore e-commerce module for Orchard.

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yaligault Sep 21, 2011 at 8:06 AM 
Thank you for your comment. Magelia WebStore is a software that was designed as a standalone e-commerce solution. An orchard module (at this stage only compatible with WebStore v0.1 and not 0.2) was created to illustrate WebStore's ability to provide e-commerce to Orchard. To bridge the two solutions (e.g. Orchard and WebStore), you need to indicate in the orchard Module where the WebStore Services are located. These services will allow you to add products to the basket, compute a basket, etc. The services path depends on your implementation of WebStore. Please refer to the online doc. on how to install WebStore. Once WebStore is set up, indicate the Services path in the orchard module to create the bridge between Orchard and WebStore. We will update the orchard Module in Oct. or Nov. when we will have finished the 0.3 release.

M3loncake Sep 7, 2011 at 11:20 AM 
i am totally new to everything so plz dont judge.

uhm the services path used to configure the webstore, does it have to be set by me or is the one used in the demo the only one? if it has to be set by me then how/where/what do i do to get it?